Estonian Cleantech
Demo Centre

Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre exhibits and introduces Estonian cleantech startups’ products and services.

Sunly and Cleantech ForEst created the center to showcase solutions invented in Estonia to minimize the environmental footprint and pollution. Sunly is a renewable energy company that produces clean energy and invests in startups. Cleantech ForEst is an Estonian non-profit that supports and funds early stage green technology startups.

The Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre is physically located in the cleantech hub Port of Power in Pirita, Tallinn but you can find us also here online, providing a database of Estonian cleantech startups.

This project is financed by the European Regional
Development Fund according to the program Startup Estonia (EU50651)

About cleantech

The focus of cleantech is to ensure whatever impacts impressed on the environment have as minimal negative effects as possible.


more efficient and cost-effective products


the negative impacts of fossil fuels on the environment


the use of natural and renewable resources


Agriculture & Food
Energy & Power
Materials & Chemicals
Resources & Environment
Transportation & Logistics